ERIC, master builder, designer, organizer, and administrator is an independent market operator who attends its customers in any situation. It makes available its knowledge and expertise, organizes the work and makes sure that the current laws are applied.

realisation ERIC 01 realisation ERIC 01

ERIC mostly takes part in :

puce Checking execution files given by the company considering the project position.

puce Work administration, which means :

  • Deliver duty orders
  • Check that the setting up project respect the studies obligations
  • Organize and lead the building sites’ meetings
  • Check the deposit submitted by the companies
  • Assist the contracting owner in case of disagreement


puce Assistance in delivery process
Consists in testing the installations, providing the follow up of reserves and making up the file of executed work needed for the exploitation.

realisation ERIC 01 realisation ERIC 01

ERIC guarantees to its clients the perfect control of the project realization