ERIC works with the contracting owner in the execution of his cable installation project (line calculation, area development…)

It also participates in the setting up, the modernization or the evolution of mechanical systems of any kind.


With its experience and huge competencies in cable installations, ERIC takes the best care of any of the projects it gets from the beginning conceptualization to the detailed plan.
ERIC mostly takes part in:

  • Preliminary studies, which give one or more global answers, with the time needed, the price and the feasibility of the project, considering the obligations, the schedule and the area.
  • Project studies, which give an idea, with plans, sections, and elevations, the main characteristics of the project. It also establishes the setting up and the encumbrance of the structure elements and technical equipments. Finally, they give the client the opportunity to set the standard cost for the project to estimate its operating costs.
  • The consulting files are used to analyze and finalize the offers and allow the establishment of work contracts.
  • Executive studies are mainly used to establish overall plans of new or modernized installations and to design service buildings.



ERIC has always been ready to go into a partnership with competent outside contributors (specialized drawing offices, architect offices…), to give its customers the most appropriate and judicious answers considering the different obligations.


ERIC developed a line calculator software, which is recognized in the profession.
The calculator gives the opportunity to control from the inside every phase of a cable installation project.