Carried through by the Medellin Metro, these 3 cable cars are public transport installations considered as a subway extension, they enable service to the high districts of Medellin.

télécabine urbaine - ERIC

The first cable car (Metrocable 1) achieved in 2003 is 2 Km long and has 2 intermediate stations.

It runs 18 hours a day and carries 1 million passengers per month. Real subway line (named line K), it makes the Metro of Medellin the first operator to use a gondola lift as a public transport. This cable car is a social success and an impressive technical challenge.

The second cable car (Metrocable 2) achieved in 2007 has 2 intermediate stations.

telecabon urbaine en Colombie - ERICIt also runs 18 hours a day; it’s the line J of the subway. It only takes 11 minutes to cover its 2,7 Km. During this time, passengers can admire the town from the sky.




A third cable car (Metrocable 3 - Arvi line) is under construction this year (2009).
This 4 Km cable car will transport Medellin citizens out of town in fifteen minutes to reach a natural park.


télépherique 3sThe detachable cable car 3S of l’Olympique is a combination of a gondola lift and of a reversible ropeway. Unique in France, made with 2 Track rope and one Hauling rope. This system is different with its extreme wind stability and its detachable grip.

3 Km long, this cable car only has 3 pylons.

Telepherique 3SIts 7 m/s normal operating speed and its 26 cabins with 30 standing passengers each allow a flow up to 3 750 p/h.


télésiege débrayable ERICIt’s the first 8-seater detachable chairlift in France. It’s made of 2 sections; it can be used in a continuous way, using the transfer to link the two stations, or in 2 independent ways. Its 146 vehicles can be parked in the 2 underground garages. Its 5 m/s nominal speed combined to its 75 + 71 seats allow a flow up to 3 600 p/h. télésiege debrayable


télésiege mixteIt’s the first installation in France with detachable seats and cabs. The Roches Rousses chairlift has 6 places seats and 8 person cabins. This kind of chairlift has proved a tremendous success with the ski resorts because it allows a safe access to handicapped people, groups of children, and non skiers

telesiege mixte


The 6-seater fixed grip chairlift of Nabines has a 3 000 p/h flow which is 25% more than a 4-seater fixed grip chairlift. The flow can be compared to a detachable chairlift.

Télésiege fixe 6 places


Maximum speed in use: 5,50 m/s. The flow is 3 600 p/h (theoretical flow).

The 6-seater detachable chairlift Les Marmottes is the first BMF chairlift in France.

débrayable 6 place BMF ERIC



Unique in Europe, overhanging the gorges of the Drac and the Ebron with a height variating between 45 and 85m, these 2 Himalayan type footbridges are 220 and 180m long.

To bear the weight of the footbridge and the users, big diameter Track ropes are used.

To avoid lateral swinging, stabilization ropes were set on both sides of the bridge Finally, the maximum slope is of 20% for a 10m sag.


ERIC made the setting up of a spring box skilift and 3 rope-tows in the Amneville snowhall, the first indoor ski stadium in France.

Installations run every day and 14 hours a day when there is a lot of crowd.Snowhall


These installations are from 40 to 2000 meters long and can get up to 300 meters of vertical rise. ERIC, takes care of the studies of fixed structures, civil engineering, and line calculations.

The speed can reach 160 Km/h with a flying over which can be higher than 150 meters.



These installations are automated urban transportation system for pedestrians. It’s 130 meters long and 60 meters of vertical rise. The escalator is made in 3 parts, totally covered so it’s protected against bad weather.



The 6 seaters detachable chairlift of Vinouve is the first chairlift in France with heating seats. Thanks to electrical resistors in the seats that refill in the stations, the seats are heated, giving the passengers more comfort.


The transport ministry chose an urban underground funicular service to consider Algiers specificities, its uneven relief, its high downgrade streets and its narrow streets.

The accomplishment of this cable transport development will give the town the opportunity to make the traffic easier, to improve the comfort of the users, and to minimize pollution. The scope of this project will make this underground funicular the biggest in the world.


Since its creation ERIC has always been able to bring innovation in the area of cables installations.

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